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Whole area monitor.

-120 VAC Dual Range Area Monitor With Select-able Alarm Trip Points

-System Includes a Control Panel Unit and a Detector Unit that can be mounted up to 1000 feet away from Control Panel, Comes with 25 feet of cable for Detector; with the option of cable up to 1000 feet.

3 Models Available: ND-AM (A), ND-AM (B), ND-AM (C)

ND-AM (A) 2 Range 5 and 50 mR/hr

ND-AM (B) 2 Range 50 and 500 mR/hr

ND-AM (C) 2 Range 100 and 1000 mR/hr

-Meter Indicator with Alarm Trip Adjust, Power On Lamp, Alarm Trip Lamp, Two Range Lamps

-Power ON/OFF Switch, Alarm Test Switch, Range Switch

-Two 120V AC Remote Alarm Trip Outlets on Rear of Control Panel Unit

-Halogen Quenched Energy Compensated GM Tube, Gamma and X-Ray from 80 KeV +/- 20 %

-Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 °C (-4 to 122 °F), Humidity: Non-Condensing 95%

-Detector Unit Contains GM Tube and Red Indicator Lamp


ND-AM1 Portable Red Rotating Warning Light, Stand and 25 foot Power Cord, ND-AM2 Portable Red Rotating Warning Light, Siren, Stand and 25 Foot Power Cord, ND-AM3 Portable Siren, Stand and 25 Foot Power Cord

ND-AM: Features
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