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This section is for companies who receive our equipment for repair. Please read and use only OEM replacement parts.

LCD Displays: All Survey Meters now have LCD displays. When replacing an analog meter movement with a LCD display the current setting must be adjusted to 50mA after the LCD is connected to PC Board.

Q3 Transistor and R16 Resistor: All new Survey Meters now use a 2N2907A transistor in Q3 and a 68 ohm resistor in R16. When replacing Q3 SK3004 to 2N2907A also replace R16 47 ohm to a 68 ohm resistor.

Urgent Bulletin!  March 1st, 2018

All replacement parts for NDS Products, Inc. instruments must meet NDS (OEM) parts called out on circuit diagrams and parts lists. The use of non-authorized parts or so called replacement parts will void the warranty and can effect performance especially NTE parts. NTE102A cannot be used as a replacement for SK3004. It does not work and can cause improper power supply function. Anyone who has repaired using NTE parts should immediately replace using NDS Products, Inc. OEM parts.

Urgent Bulletin!

Do not use survey meters if the battery check is above 8.5 on scale. The instrument is out of tolerance and needs servicing.

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