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Direct reading pocket dosimeters.


-0-200 mR direct reading dosimeter

-Gamma and x-ray from 16-6100 KeV +/- 10%

-Meets ANSI specifications N13.5 and N322

-Barrel construction is of a durable, electrically conducting carbon fiber loaded liquid polymer

-All metal spring loaded clip is attached to barrel

-Can be charged with most available dosimeter chargers providing at least 195 volts

-Temperature range is between -20 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius

-Humidity levels up to 90%

-Altitudes greater then 50,000 feet

-Shock, vibration and immersion tests meets Military and ANSI requirements

-Linear scale

-Length: 4.5"(12.4cm), Diameter: 0.6"(1.5cm)

-Weight: 1.0 oz (25 grams)

-All dosimeters come calibrated and includes calibration certification and decal

-Two year limited warranty from date of purchase

Other model ranges available: W138 (0-200mR), W138S (0-2mSv), W500 (0-500mR/hr), W500S (0-5mSv), W725 (0-5R), 730 (0-20R), 742 (0-200R), 746 (0-600R).

Pocket Dosimeter: Features
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